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Cleveland County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
99 N/A 0.00
HP29 N/A 0.00
LX57 Lexington 112.27
MC2 Moore (Moore SD) 128.22
NW29 Newcastle (Norman SD) 106.43
NB40 Noble (Noble SD) (Ambulance) 111.75
NC70 Norman (Little Axe SD) 115.35
NJC1 Norman (McCloud SD) 106.01
NC52 Norman (Mid-Del SD) 127.18
NCC2 Norman (Moore SD) 127.55
NC40 Norman (Noble SD) 117.72
NC29 Norman (Norman SD) 120.43
NCT2 Norman (Norman SD) T2 120.43
NC16 Norman (Robin Hill SD) 105.88
OC70 Oklahoma City (Little Axe SD) 116.16
OJC1 Oklahoma City (McCloud SD) 106.82
OC52 Oklahoma City (Mid-Del SD) 127.99
OCC2 Oklahoma City (Moore SD) 128.36
OC69 Oklahoma City (Mustang SD) 122.42
OC29 Oklahoma City (Norman SD) 121.24
OC16 Oklahoma City (Robin Hill SD) 106.69
SD57 Lexington School District 112.27
57CC Lexington SD (Cedar Country FD) 112.27
SD70 Little Axe School District 101.35
70CC Little Axe SD (Cedar Country FD) 101.35
70FD Little Axe SD (Fire District 70) 101.35
JC1 McCloud School District 92.01
SD52 Mid-Del School District 113.18
SDC2 Moore School District 113.55
SD69 Mustang School District 107.61
SD40 Noble School District 103.72
40-A Noble SD (Ambulance) 108.81
40CC Noble SD (Cedar Country FD) 103.72
SD29 Norman School District 106.43
SD16 Robin Hill School District 91.88